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O2 has become the latest mobile operator to offer mobile broadband packages. The mobile and home broadband provider has launched a mobile tarrif which will allow users to access the internet at broadband speeds on their laptop by plugging in a USB dongle.

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The dongle will access the internet via the O2 mobile network as well as 7500 wifi hotspots in airports, cafes and train stations around the country. O2 is the latest telecoms provider to offer a mobile broadband service which allows you to browse the internet without having to sign up to long-term landline or broadband contracts.

At the time of our review, the basic 02 mobile broadband packages starded from just £9.79 per month (for the first 4 months) and just under £15 per month thereafter. The dongle fee is waived for users sigining up to an 18 month contract. There is a lot of debate around which deal is best - prices are sure to drop, so signing up to an 18 month contract may prove costly, but then again, the waived dongle fee works out to be a saving of £6.66 per month!

Laptops from O2

A more recent developement in the O2 Mobile broadband offerings is a free laptop when you sign up for a 24 month £30 per month contract. £30 per month is very considerably more than the entry level package, so to say that the laptop is free is, in our opinion, pushing the creative licence a little - but if you dont have the budget to buy a laptop upfront, this package which is basically a laptop and 24 months internet access at a total cost of £720, spread over 24 monthly payment, is definitly an option worth review.


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On 22nd March 2010 Steve said:

I've had O2 pay as you go mobile broadband since October and I am not disappointed. Very reliable with speeds of around 1.3Mbps which is what you can expect with 3G. Quick & easy to install. The O2 software will disable MS Win XP's wireless configuration software but this is not a problem as you just use O2's interface instead. Got the dongle on special half price offer at 15. Good value, no mess, does what it says on the tin.

On 30th June 2009 WebFreak said:

O2 mobile broadband rocks! Its fast its cheap it has wifi and its the only one that gets a decent signal where i live. I get faster broadband with my o2 dongle than I was getting in the house with talktalk so i ditched the house phone and went totally mobile. Its the future!

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