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Orange weren’t the first company to enter the Mobile Broadband industry however they have vast experience and expertise as well as a trusted brand name. They were rated No 1 mobile broadband network for reliability in April 2009’s independent YouGov “Dongle Tracker” report.

To complement this fantastic reliability, Orange mobile broadband have very attractive pricing structures as well. At the time of this review, their mobile broadband starts at only £9.79 and the rest of their bundles are very good value for money.

Orange have also marketed a few mobile broadband and laptop bundle deals which have become a major factor in the increased interest in mobile broadband. Basically you pay a monthly cost for your mobile broadband and they will give you a free laptop (or close to free laptop!). Prices vary depending on a number of factors such as which laptop you choose and the contract length among others.


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On 01st September 2010 pritesh said:

If only I could give a minus rating I would. Literally the worst all round service I have ever had. Months on end of disgracefully slow service and each time I call orange for help they simply blame downgraded masts, fob you off until next and just so unhelpful. Internet barely works most the time, often just cuts out randomly and is soooo slow. I'm in the Stratford, London area.

On 02nd August 2009 Peter said:

A while ago I was between landline broadband providers and I tried vodafone, 3 and O2 mobile broadband, and none of them worked. I just got a new mobile phone from orange and it includes free mobile internet for 2 months. It is brilliant. It's faster than my landline broadband, which admittedly isn't very fast, and the signal is good most places I've been. Definitely recommend it.

On 30th June 2009 jeff said:

Speed isnt great but the connection is pretty steady and im happy with the price.

On 29th June 2009 Keith Nicholson said:

Orange mobile broadband is everything I need it to be. I got it for out and about as I am a salesman, but now I use it in the house and have cancelled the landline broadband.

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