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T-Mobile offers a range of mobile broadband packages aimed at the consumer end of the market with monthly mobile broadband contracts from just £15 per month. TMobile also offer a hybrid 'pay as you go' package, whereby you pay just £4 per day for any day that you need it. If you only need mobile broadband on a sporadic basis - e.g. when travelling to another city, then this may work out to be an cost effective option. However, at £4 per day, if you end up using the service more than 4 times per month (4*£4), you will be paying a total of £16 per month which is more than the full monthly contract. Also with daily deal, you need to buy the USB dongle which costs £99.

One of T-Mobiles strongest selling features is that it comes with unlimited usage allowance. Perfect for web browsing, accessing emails, downloading files and audio/ video streaming and no matter how much you surf, your monthly cost is fixed. Users should however beaware that a 'fair usage' policy of 10GB applies. Unless you are downloading full blown movies, this really should not cause any major concern.


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On 15th May 2010 leah said:

i cant get enough signal in my house to sign into windows live messenger ! grrr

On 30th June 2009 Sophie said:

I struggle with a signal at my house even though my tmobile phone gets a good signal. It works well at my flat at university and saves me the bother of installing a landline and arguing with my flatmates over who pays for it! I just wish it was a bit cheaper.

On 24th June 2009 Lee said:

I use T-Mobile broadband through one of their dongles and my laptop. I'd be lost without being able to get docs via email for meetings in my job, I have been able to get a signal in the majority of places.

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