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Virgin Mobile Broadband unusually only have one tariff available; however this is designed to make everything as easy as possible for the customer. They have recently been rated best customer service, best usability and easiest set-up in a recent Which? Mobile broadband test.

Their package is good value for money at only £15 per month on an 18 month contract including 3GB monthly allowance. Virgin also include a free USB modem to get you connected to the internet.

Virgin offer high speeds of up to 4.5Mbs with itís mobile broadband and a wide coverage of over 85% of the UK being ably covered.


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On 15th April 2012 krystal said:

virgin mobile is terrible. but because it's so cheap i've been forced to continue going back. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't have an issue. anytime there's leftover money in my account it gets taken out and they never replace it. my internet goes out for sometimes days at a time, as well as my messaging. any phone i've gotten from them has been horrible as well. i have nothing but problems with virgin mobile.

On 08th October 2011 mark burkey said:

I cant use my phone in my flat unless im hanging out the window which isnt ideal i even went and got the samsung galaxy 2 so i had two processors giving me a bit more but no the signal just isnt strong enough even the phone hasnt got any bars unless im hanging out the window .Now i dont know about you but for a comunications company i would say its pretty pathetic that they either havnt enough masts about or there signals arnt strong enough to penetrate brick walls my sister has voda phone fine

On 10th August 2011 robert said:

I recently purchased 3 g virgin mobile broad band 2 go at wal-mart (1 gb a month) as what I needed. worked great for 15 days,then stopped working !called virgin mobile , they sent me a new they are telling me they cannot honor wal-marts 20$ a month for 1 gig bite, that it would be half a gb. that's not what I bought . go figure.

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Mobile Broadband gives you internet access, without wires, over the air. You do not need a telephone line, or to be in a Wi-Fi area to get mobile broadband - using only a USB Modem with your Laptop or PC you can have access to fast broadband.