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Vodafone was one of the first players to offer mobile broadband, and although prices were initially very high for the average consumer, in recent times the cost has dropped dramatically. Vodafone originaly offered the 3G datacard which sides into the side of the laptop, but these have now largely been replaced with the vodafone mobile broadband 'pocket rocket' - which is basically a usb modem which looks like a memory stick.

Vodafones 3g mobile broadband offerings promise:


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On 15th April 2012 Rupesh mhatre said:

Vodafon signal is worst in karnataka :@ who the hell is incharge of vodafon in karnataka just dismiss him he is hopeless man :@

On 19th January 2012 shiv kumar said:

it showing only 5-30kbps speed

On 04th September 2011 atul said:

plz check the network in kolar area becaus it give 200kbps in 3.2mbps mobile brodband

On 18th February 2011 Phil Fletcher said:

I have found it works fine whilst getting the 3G + signal but this is not very stable as fluctuations occur between 3G + and 3G. I suspect this happens when there is cosiderable load on the system. Sometimes the signal goes altogether leaving you high and dry whilst doing your work. Clearly something needs to be done but I bet other providers may be worse.

On 27th November 2010 ashish said:

its service is very bad device they give us is of bad quality

On 01st November 2010 Hussain said:

I got Vodafone broadband 3G and it is so hopeless, never worked in Canterbury Kent and it does not work in central london SW10 9NH. I contacted Vodafone on many occasions and honstly who ever I spoked to, have no idea and give me wrong idea. Useless stuff

On 28th June 2009 bricks said:

It was dead easy to set up. You just plug it in and away you go. Not as fast as the house broadband but I only use it in my flat at university during the week. I'd be lost without it now!

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