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Business has been one of the main benefectors of the long awaited maturity of the mobile broadband market. For years and years business has been following the press articles promising that 3G mobile broadband is 'just around the corner', and in the meantime we have been tied to hotel lobbies and conference halls trying to get a decent wifi signal. Apart from the location inconvenience of wifi networks, having to report to reception to buy a wifi access card was a hassle we could do without, and did nothing for our clients impression of professionalism while they were left waiting.

Provider Package / Details Data Allowance Speed (up to) Monthly Cost Continue
Mobile Broadband Broadband Lite
Currently the cheapest mobile broadband tarrif on the market - offering up to 1GB data download at speeds of up to 3.6Mb
1GB 7Mb £8.74 More
Mobile Broadband
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband
Offering a sensible data transfer solution means they won't charge you if you go over your limit, this is a fantastic package.
3-5Gb 4Mb £15 More
Mobile Broadband
Broadband Plus
3's most popular package - offering all the benefits of mobile broadband combined with an ample 3GB data allowance - making it a viable alternative to the traditional ADSL broadband.
15Gb 21Mb £13.32 More

Business mobile broadband packages are for the most part the same as the consumer versions - except of course that they are often advertised 'ex vat'. One of the main benefits of the mobile USB dongle solution is that the one dongle can be shared amongst fellow office workers - this works particularly well when there are a number of salespeople in the one office. Although the mobile broadband packages have allowances og up to 10gb, users are often surprised at how little data they actually use up in a month.

Business broadband users expect to pay a little more, but they expect to get a little more in return. For example, business users should not be kept on hold indefinitly when they are trying to get through to technical support. If you are a business user and have had a good or bad experience with using business mobile broadband please let us know!









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What is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband gives you internet access, without wires, over the air. You do not need a telephone line, or to be in a Wi-Fi area to get mobile broadband - using only a USB Modem with your Laptop or PC you can have access to fast broadband.