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Clip Antenna Mobile broadband is a fantastic concept and is one of the fastest growing industries in years. But with more and more people coming to rely on mobile broadband as their primary internet connection method, getting a good strong signal has become ever more important. There are competitive deals out there that are starting to make traditional landline based broadband less attractive, but if you canít get a good strong signal with your dongle then you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of the deals. To help you take maximum advantage of this great new technology we have compiled a few Ďtop-tipsí to help you get a better signal. These simple tips should help when it comes to improving your mobile broadband coverage:

But before trying anything too drastic, consider the following simple tips and tricks. Many users have reported significant improvements in their 3g mobile broadband signal by implementing these tips:

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What is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband gives you internet access, without wires, over the air. You do not need a telephone line, or to be in a Wi-Fi area to get mobile broadband - using only a USB Modem with your Laptop or PC you can have access to fast broadband.